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Please enjoy these discussions about energy healing, chakras and your clairvoyant superpowers! Most of these blogs are connected to a video so make sure to check those out as well. We also share worksheets mentioned in these articles on our site as well.
Blocked Energetic Light Bodies and How They Affect Your Happiness

We've heard the expression a hundred times, "If you want to feel good, if you want change in your life, you can't bring your old baggage with you." Well, that’s what I want to talk about in this blog.  I will share my experience about a childhood event and how it clogged my energetic light […]

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4 Tips to Develop your Clairvoyant Superpower

Have you ever caught movement out of the corner of your eye and it was so vivid that you swear you saw something?

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What is Your Higher Self?

So why is connecting to your higher self so important? Below I outline just a few of the benefits.

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How Our Thoughts Affect our Energy Field.

So where’s that funky feeling coming from? It’s from your energy field.

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Intuition and Instinct: It's All in Your Stomach.

A few years ago, a strange incident happened to me when I was living in beautiful San Diego.

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Cleaning Your Energy Fields

So it’s time for a little spring cleaning… no bleach required.

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How to Protect Your Energy Field

Negativity can affect your energy field and but you can make it bright and shiny again when you clean it.

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5 Things That Can Help You Shed Pandemic Pounds

If you are serious about dropping that extra pandemic weight, then you should think about consulting with a professional who can help you reach your goals.

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How Do Chakras Work?

You’ve probably heard the term “chakras” thrown around at yoga class or when people talk about meditation, but if you were like me, you might not know what it all means.

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How to Connect to the Spirit World

Having a conversation with a dead person is not a real thing, but you can connect with loved ones who have passed.

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Helpful Life Changes to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has drastically changed everyday routines for billions of people around the world.

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