5 Things That Can Help You Shed Pandemic Pounds

5 Things That Can Help You Shed Pandemic Pounds

This has already been quite the year — and we’re only halfway through. If you have felt like your life and routines have both been thrown off track, you are not alone. Everyone seems to be struggling with adapting to COVID-19 changes, including finding ways to stay in shape. If you’ve gained a few extra pounds over the last few …

Helpful Life Changes to Consider During the COVID-19 Pandemic


COVID-19 has drastically changed everyday routines for billions of people around the world. While each household’s situation is unique, that change of routine is something we all have in common. Those major changes can be challenging (if not overwhelming), but if you commit to making the right adjustments, you can stay positive and thrive through the pandemic. And who knows, …


How to Connect to the Spirit World

Tips to Connect You with the Spirit World. I’ll admit it. I’m fascinated with “the other side”. I’m convinced there is more to life than this physical body. My body is simply a vehicle for my soul, or my energy, or my essence – use whatever word you like. I really believe that when it dies, I’m going to do …

4 Tips to Develop your Clairvoyant Superpower

4 Tips to develop Your Clairvoyant Super Power. Have you ever caught movement out of the corner of your eye and it was so vivid that you swear you saw something? But when you looked, nothing was there?  Can you see colors around a person? Are you a serious daydreamer?  Well it’s not ADD, you might just be Clairvoyant! In …


How Do Chakras Work?


How Do Chakras Work and What Do Chakras Do? You’ve probably heard the term “chakras” thrown around at yoga class or when people talk about meditation, but if you were like me, you might not know what it all means. The term chakra actually translates to wheel in Sanskrit and it refers to the wheels of energy throughout the body. …


How to Protect Your Energy Field


How to Protect Your Energy Field. We’ve talked about how negativity can affect your energy field and how you can make it bright and shiny again when you clean it. So now, let’s talk about how you can prevent it from getting damaged and dirty altogether. With the holidays coming up, you know that there are going to be a …


Intuition and Instinct: It’s All in Your Stomach.


Episode 5: Intuition and Instinct: It’s All in Your Stomach. A few years ago, a strange incident happened to me when I was living in beautiful San Diego. I had my adorable 4-year-old, Skylar in tow and I was pregnant with my second child. We were going shopping for bedding for Sky’s new “big girl” bed. At the local linen …


Cleaning Your Energy Fields


Episode 4: How to Clean your Energy Field – Without Using Bleach. I know, I know. You have more than enough to clean – your house, your kids, your husband… Trust me, I get it. But our energy fields are constantly changing and interacting with those around us. We must clean them as well. Since I have a pretty busy …

How Our Thoughts Affect our Energy Field.


Episode 3: How Our Thoughts Affect our Energy Field. Let’s face it, some days I wake up and I just feel… off. And so I gulp down some coffee (or a mimosa – just kidding), but that doesn’t seem to help. Food’s not going to work because breakfast feels like a chore. The day hasn’t even started yet and I …


What is Your Higher Self?


Episode 2: What is your higher self? Or should I say who? You’ve probably heard the term thrown around, whether from friends or your local yoga class, but what exactly IS it? Well, actually it’s very simple. Your higher self is just a more evolved version of you, it’s the truest form of your being that is connected to the …