Worksheets to Help With Blocked Chakras

I have provided you with several worksheets that you can download and use to clear blocked chakras. These practices are essential part of energy healing if you want to feel happier, more confident able to connect to your higher self. You will also find videos on the chakras on my Youtube channel.

Blocked Throat Chakra Worksheet

Do you trouble expressing emotions?

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Causal Chakra Worksheet

The Causal Chakra is aligned to the earth's moon.

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Crown Chakra Worksheet

This chakra lifts and inspires you.

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Earth Star Chakra Worksheet

Learn how to connect to the Earth Star Chakra

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Soul Star Chakra Worksheet

The Soul Star chakra is the link to your spiritual abilities.

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Third Eye Chakra Worksheet

The third eye allows for clear thought, spiritual contemplation, and self-reflection

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