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1st Blocked Energetic Light Bodies Worksheet

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1st Blocked Energetic Light Bodies

The Aura is the energy or electromagnetic field that surrounds your body. In artwork, Aura is sometimes portrayed as a halo. Every living thing has an aura. It is a repository for all negative and positive energies in humans. Auras have seven layers, each of which corresponds to one of the seven energy chakras that run along the spine. The densest energy is found in the inner layers nearest to the physical body, with finer and higher vibrations found in each subsequent layer. Most people have an oval (elliptical) aura that runs above the head and below the feet, is somewhat larger in the rear than in the front, and is quite narrow on the sides. The aura is also related to the seven colors of the rainbow and are influenced by sound vibrations. Aspects of the light body include the etheric body, mental body, astral body, and emotional body. The Etheric Layer is the first energetic light layer of the aura. This is the layer that is closest to the actual physical human body and can be seen by some therapists during therapy. It has to do with basic necessities like food, drink, home, and job, as well as physical well-being and desires. It appears as a thin grey/violet or blue mist and sits two to four inches from the corporeal body. In a person who does not have a lot of energy, the color can be more subdued or darkened. The root chakra is linked to this layer.
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