Art from Marisa Grieco

I have made my doodles and sketches
available for you to download and use as
wallpaper on your phones and tablets.

A Free Membership Perk!

About My Art

At first my art was a release. A release of tension, of emotions - it was very dark. As I began to remove old blocks and let light into my life, my work began to change. Eventually, these little creatures started showing up on the end of my pencil. I call them "changelings". I have never done much with my art, it has always been more of a therapeutic exercise for me, but I want to share them here with you. I've re-created them in various sizes so you may use them as wallpaper backgrounds on your electronic devices.

The art is free to use by my members, but please no selling or sharing of this work. It is just for you. Simply click on the image you like, select your phone or tablet size and the image will pop up in a browser window. Then you simply right-click to download the art.

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