Sounds to Heal and Help With Blocked Chakras

People claim that strange things happen to their brain when they listen to two, slightly different frequencies. Delta Waves (3.5 Hz) for example, have been associated with whole being Regeneration and full body revitalization. Is it true? The verdict is still out, but I've tried many different frequencies and they do help with my meditations, as well as setting my intentions. They seem to have an uncanny way of letting me focus while letting me relax. The sounds below are just that, sounds with different frequencies creating an auditory illusion for your brain. 

If you have never tried this, go slow and certainly do not do this when you're driving. First try it with you meditation and then report back to the community I would love to hear about your experiences.

PLEASE NOTE: You must use stereo headphones for the effect.

Free Featured Sounds

Focused and Calm

Use these binaural beats to heal your body and mind, unlocking any blocked chakras so that you can experience true fulfillment and inner peace. This music clears subconscious programming and provides a calming release. These beats can also be used when you are looking to calm your mind in order to focus on a new project or even focus on an intention you may be used for your meditation. Please be sure to use headphones as there are separate frequencies coming in each ear. Using an alpha frequency to create a relaxed feeling, while also you a beta frequency to help concentration.
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Slumber Mystery

This Theta binaural beat promotes relaxation and reduces stress. Great for meditating.
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Profound Beta

Beta Binaural beats are great for concentrating on your task at hand.
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Space Drift

A 30 min piece of music to help you achieve an alpha state and explore your inner self.
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Finding Abundance

A stress-reducing piece of music layered with a binaural beat for abundance meditations.
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Stellar Creative

Stellar Creative Theta is a binaural beat designed to relax you and open your mind to creative ideas flowing with the universe.
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Theta 8

Reverse old programming with this sound frequency.
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Powerful 8

Powerful 8 is Isochronic and Binaural (aka two tone) 8 Hz with a 10 Hz that stimulates a Gamma state.
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Meditation & Relaxation

Feel whole and connected.
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Mind Awakening

Mind Awakening has Hz that change over time, starting at 4 Hz and ending around 12.
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Focused and Calm

Focused and Calm uses variating Hz of 2-4.
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