Behind the Scenes of Your Mystical Guide

Welcome to my studio...

I am very fortunate to have my own special place where I can record my videos for you. The background flats which create the walls of my set were left over from season 2 of Con Man, but as you can see I added my own flavor to the decorations. Each little trinket on the wall has a special meaning to me and I have collected them over the years. If you look closely you will even see a photo of me and my Nonno.

I shoot every week, usually on Thursdays and it takes a week to get the video ready to air. I shoot on a very nice Sony camera (thank you, Redbear) and my director, Nikki helps me to get everything on tape.

I love making videos about energy healing and chakras so if there is a topic you want, please add it in the comments of the videos!
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