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Every Thursday, I release a new video on my Youtube Channel where I share what I have learned on my journey to enlightenment. With a hefty dose of humor, I talk about how I juggle my busy life as a mother of two with my pursuit to connect with my higher self. Confronting old programs and old belief systems, I have developed many tips and tricks that have made my life happier, fuller and made me more confident. 

Join me on this journey and share your experiences with our Tribe.

Behind the Scenes of Your Mystical Guide

Welcome to my studio...

I am very fortunate to have my own special place where I can record my videos for you. The background flats which create the walls of my set were left over from season 2 of Con Man, but as you can see I added my own flavor to the decorations. Each little trinket on the wall has a special meaning to me and I have collected them over the years. If you look closely you will even see a photo of me and my Nonno.

I shoot every week, usually on Thursdays and it takes a week to get the video ready to air. I shoot on a very nice Sony camera (thank you, Redbear) and my director, Nikki helps me to get everything on tape.

I love making videos about energy healing and chakras so if there is a topic you want, please add it in the comments of the videos!
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