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When you engage in this age-old practice of divination, you're not just seeking answers but forging a deeper connection with the universe. Each symbol and message you encounter is a signpost guiding you toward spiritual enlightenment. This journey, anchored in intuition and reflection, provides a unique perspective on life's challenges and opportunities. As you continue this practice, you'll feel a growing sense of alignment, a testament that your efforts toward spiritual growth are truly taking hold.


Prepare Your Space and Mind: Choose a quiet location where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably and take deep breaths to calm your mind and focus on the present moment.
Ground and Set Intention: Visualize roots extending from you into the earth, grounding you. Clearly define what guidance or insight you seek for the day.
Protect Your Energy: Envision a shield of white light surrounding you, safeguarding your personal energy during the reading.

Seek Guidance and Click the Button: Ask your spirit guides or the universe for guidance. With trust and intuition, draw a card from the universe.
Reflect and Document: Spend time understanding the card's imagery and its relevance to your question. Note down the card and any insights in a journal for future reflection.

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