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Abundance is Just a Frequency

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Abundance is Just Frequency

People tapped into the frequency of abundance see others as potential collaborators rather than competitors looking to take away what they have. An abundance mindset is built on appreciation and the conviction that the world is full of possibilities and opportunities, and that helping others accomplish their goals can help you reach yours. Approaching the world with this abundance attitude can have a huge impact on your level of happiness and the decisions you make. A powerful and dynamic system of personal and professional progress emerges from the core premise that there is enough opportunity and success to go around and that all one has to do is seek it out. People who believe the world is full of opportunity are more open to new ideas and will take advantage of opportunities that are provided to them. This is true of business opportunities as well as opportunities that may come in their personal lives. People that have an abundance mindset are more open to new chances and experiences, as well as having a more established and stable support system. This support system can take the form of a personal network of friends and family or a professional network of collaborators and colleagues. Living with an abundance mindset means you appreciate the importance of others succeeding as well as the fact that the success of collaborators transfers to your own personal success.
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