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Earth Star Chakra

A large number of chakras reside within your physical body. The Earth Star Chakra is not one of them, but it still dramatically affects your day-to-day life. It is said that this chakra is located around 12 inches underneath your feet in your etheric realm - your non-physical body. The Earth Star Chakra is also called the "Super-root" and is one of the sub-personal chakras. This chakra is powerful because of its rooting or grounding properties. You might argue that this task is already performed by the familiar root chakram but understand that the earth star chakra reaches well beyond that. Think of the Earth Star Chakra as an anchor for your entire chakra system. This chakra is vital for rooting your seven primary chakras. The Earth Star chakra's main function is to connect all of your primary chakras to the more considerable earthly energies and powerful universal energies. When aligned and connected with this chakra, you will have a much stronger sense of stability and wellbeing. Another essential feature of the Earth Star chakra is its ability to dispel negative energy that you may have trapped by channeling the earth's positive energy.
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