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Reconnect to Your Core Star Worksheet

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Reconnect to Your Core Star

The Core Star level is tied to our divine essence and is a quantum leap deeper into who we are than the haric level. Everyone seems to be a gorgeous star when using High Sense Perception at the Core Star level. Each star is unique. Each star contains an eternal wellspring of life. We are the center of the cosmos in this inner space. The divine personality within each person is located here. On the central line of the body, it is one and a half inches above the navel. When one opens one's vision to the core star level and looks at a group of people, everyone appears to be a lovely star that radiates indefinitely while pervading all other stars. Our core is the most fundamental aspect of who we are, and it is absolutely unique to each of us. It has always existed within each of us, prior to the constraints of time, location, and belief. It is the divine's individual facet. We live and have our being from this spot within each of us. We instantly recognize it as the person we've always known ourselves to be since birth. We are knowledgeable, kind, and courageous in this space. This fundamental nature hasn't changed much throughout time. It has never been tarnished by adverse events. Yes, our reactions to traumatic events may have obscured or concealed it, but they have never truly transformed it. It is the essence of our being. It's the deeper kindness that each of us possesses.It is who we are at our core. All of our creative forces emerge from this area within. It is the eternal fountainhead that all of our creations flow from within each of us.
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