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Soul Star Chakra Worksheet

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Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star is located about 12 inches above our head and is often referred to as the 8th chakra. Some, however, disagree as to the exact distance from your crown chakra.

Soul Star and Connection to the Universe

The Soul Star defines your relationship with the energy of the universe. It is a bridge to the cosmos and the seat of your subconscious mind. The Soul Star relates to your spiritual connection just like the crown chakra does, and this creates some confusion on how each chakra differs, but they have very distinct and important purposes.

Think of the crown chakra as distinctly yours. It represents you and your connection to spirit—how you react with the cosmos. When observing life through the crown chakra, we see ourselves as individuals, almost separate if you will. It is through the crown that our individual selves connect and receive guidance from the cosmos.

In contrast, the Soul Star is that connect point that merges us with the cosmos and allows us to understand our spiritual oneness with the universe. Our life on earth provides us with our physical perception of life, but we often forget that there is no separate self. There is only one universal consciousness.

When we understand this, the Soul Star Chakra is realized as our connection to our “higher self.” This beautiful part of our human experience connects us with all the gifts the universe has to offer. It is the part of us that is free of our thoughts and our experiences. It is not defined emotions or our behaviors. From the Soul Star chakra, out through our energy fields, we are simply one with the greater universe and all that it has to offer.

Because the Soul Star is at the center of this connection point, it is often considered the origin of the seven lower chakras that relate to us during our human experience.

A Blocked or Unbalanced Soul Star Chakra

The Soul Star is concerned with our inner purpose. When our Soul Star is balanced, we have a clear sense of purpose and why we are here. It allows us to move through life with ease. But when it is blocked or unbalanced, we can roam through life, feeling we have no purpose and become plagued by fear and anxiety.
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