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Bring Back Your Energy and Stop Playing Small

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Bring Back Your Energy

To live with an intentional mindset, you must first understand what purposeful living entails. A person who lives with intention fulfills a life purpose. The day is well-organized and well-directed. Simply put, mindset refers to one's attitude, intentions, and mood. A person must take action (not just say they want to do something). Only you have the power to transform your life. YOU alone are accountable for your life's choices and decisions. Think of your mindset as the helm of a ship. It directs the course of your life. Whatever you accomplish will be based on your attitude toward it. The best mindset you can have is a positive one. Change your mentality to affect the events, outcomes, and feelings in your life. Use mirror reflection to discover and change your negative thinking to a favorable one. Keep your mind pure, sound, active, and tranquil. Others will treat you poorly if you believe you are inferior. Because you become what you accept, view yourself in a better light, and become that. Every day, continue to learn and grow. People who live intentionally surround themselves with individuals that soar to new heights and you will too.
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