5 Ways To Regain Your Self-Confidence After Emotional Damage

Working on your self-esteem is vital for the serenity of your mind. It is widely proven that with higher self-esteem, we become resilient to threats against our confidence.
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Marisa Grieco
August 26, 2022

Working on your self-esteem is vital for the serenity of your mind. It is widely proven that with higher self-esteem, we become resilient to threats against our confidence. High self-confidence makes emotional wounds less painful, making peace with existing problems much more manageable. You may have a busy schedule that leaves your mental peace vulnerable to doubts, insecurity, anxiety, feeling of rejection, failure, and many more. Building your confidence will help you tackle all problems in the way of your mental stability.

Very often, it is not in our control, and our mind gets so lost that it experiences emotional damage. While things may feel hopeless and lost, it does not have to remain that way. This article will provide you with ways to overcome that emotional damage and build confidence so that you may thrive in life. This will help you recover from a shattering incident that may have taken a toll on you.

If you reside in the UK, finding UK therapists can help you maneuver through and unravel the weaves of doubt and the feelings that have your lack of confidence tangled. It's also important to want to help yourself, and here are a few ways you can do so. 

1. Accept Compliments

It is a common phenomenon that when we feel bad about any aspect of ourselves, we tend to deter compliments that are said in good faith. This is because we may feel undeserving of them, making us uncomfortable. To work against this, we must learn to accept and appreciate compliments. At first, it won't be easy to agree with after considering we believe quite the opposite. But once we understand the sincerity of the exchange, we will slowly begin to see the truth in their words. 

Do not avoid them; let the compliments and praises come to you and believe they can apply to you. When you allow this to happen, you gain greater confidence and start to better understand your strengths and positive, charming aspects of yourself.

2. Introduce Self-Compassion

We are so quick to criticize our actions and find faults in ourselves when we forget to realize how often we are friendly and compassionate to ourselves. When do we ever praise ourselves for completing a difficult task, feeling proud and accomplished? 

To introduce self-compassion into your lifestyle, you must start by replacing self-criticism and integrating compassion. One of the best ways is to think about what you would advise your friend or comfort them if they were in the same situation. Most times, if not all, we tend to be more empathetic towards others' feelings than ourselves.

3. Set Small Goals for Yourself 

Since you doubt yourself, the solution is to convince your brain that you are capable. When you fail at a task, you tend to reconsider your self-worth. This is where succeeding at a task can have the opposite effect and give you that feeling of triumph you need. After being subjected to emotional damage, your brain deserves to know that it has the potential and capability to grow and strengthen. 

The first step to achieving that feeling of accomplishment is to break down big goals that may feel burdensome into small, manageable tasks. You start gaining confidence and believing in your strength when you succeed step by step. Additionally, you will be able to organize your tasks better.

4. Partake In Things You Are Passionate About

Revisit art, explore the outdoors, get into sports, learn to create music, or get involved with any activity that will make you feel inspired and rejuvenated. Spending time with loved ones and pets are more activities to make you feel determined and stimulated. 

When you reconnect with the things you love doing, it serves as a temporary escape from your emotional wounds and the gloominess of life. It gives you a massive boost in confidence and begins to make you passionate about good things. This can help distract you from your toxic thoughts.

5. Take Care Of Yourself

We tend to be so supportive and kind towards our companions and loved ones that we forget to be kind to ourselves. That is why you must understand that your emotions matter too. Motivate yourself and be considerate of yourself at all times. It would be best to do this when you are in an especially destructive emotional spot. You must provide affirmations to yourself, treat yourself to good food, movies, tea, hot baths, and take a trip down memory lane to all your happy memories. 

Wrapping Up

Your self-esteem is crucial for you to feel peace and serenity. However, at times in our life, we may be subjected to a situation or event that can cause us emotional damage. In such a situation, we must regain our self-confidence. This is where we recommend that you get therapy if you are in such a case. Alternatively, you can undertake specific techniques and tips that can allow you to heal from these situations. We have looked at ways to help you recover from emotional damage. We are confident that implementing them in your life will lead to positive results for you. Thank you for reading!

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About the Author:

Marisa Grieco is the creator of Your Mystical Guide and host of a popular Youtube show about energy healing, mindfulness, and the path to a better life. Her work focuses on identifying and releasing old programs that prevent us from reaching our true potential
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