How Do Chakras Work?


How Do Chakras Work and What Do Chakras Do?

You’ve probably heard the term “chakras” thrown around at yoga class or when people talk about meditation, but if you were like me, you might not know what it all means. The term chakra actually translates to wheel in Sanskrit and it refers to the wheels of energy throughout the body. Yup, you have spinning wheels that center and surround your body. This is where consciousness and energy meet. Like on a date (but not). People call this energy Prana. It’s pretty important too, and you have to take care of these chakras if you want to live a healthier, happier life.

Let's talk about the seven main chakras. They run from the base of your spine to the top of your head . Nerd alert: If you’ve seen Doctor Strange, they look like those spinning discs he creates, but in different colors.


How Do Chakras Work?

We know our body has organs and we know that we have bundles of nerve centers throughout our body as well. Each chakra corresponds to these major organs and nerve centers in our body. But it goes a lot further. Each chakra is connected to aspects of our mental, psychological, and spiritual states of being as well. See how important they are? As long as our chakras are open and flowing (that’s the hard part), our energy flows fluidly throughout our bodies. So we feel calm, steady, and ready to tackle whatever the day throws at us! Big family get together? No problem. Cooking a huge meal? I’ve got this. Having sex I’m staying awake.

Episode 6: What Are Chakras?

People ask me, what are chakras and how do chakras work? This is the first episode of a very big topic - chakras! How do my chakras effect me? How do I know when this happens? And why are clean chakras are like a good toilet bowl?

In my video, I share a metaphor of a chakra and a clogged toilet. (Watch here) No one likes a clogged toilet… or chakra. It’s a mess. It leads to crappy feelings and crappier results. You might feel off, your head might be a little fuzzy (and not from the wine), you find it hard to express your emotions, there's a lot of negative self talk, or you might even get sick.

I know when my chakras are clogged I start to feel stuck and depressed. My self doubt comes out full swing and I’m back to playing the same old dysfunctional records I thought I was done with. Bring out the violin, I’m about to play the “woe is me” song.  There are many side effect of blocked or unbalanced chakras and important to deal with these block if you want to live a fuller more vibrant life.

Depending on which of your chakras is clogged, you’ll have different exercises or rituals to do. Once you establish what's affecting you, you can work specifically with the vibration of that chakra and restore its energy. So remember to shift your awareness to the chakra you want to work with. You can open each one and align it to keep your energy flowing freely. I’ll go into more detail next time on each chakra and how to keep them balanced and healthy so stay tuned!

How do you know when your chakra is blocked? What do you do to keep your chakra cleansed? Share your experiences and tips with me below.

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  1. Hello, Marisa! I medidated in order to open my third eye. As I put my hand on it to shine some loving light to it, I felt the palm of my hard very warm. Actually, hot. Should I take something out of this experience. I liked its feeling and I was certainly amazed. Thanks!!!?

  2. Adriana,
    That is amazing!!! Its not only your third eye opening up, but you are beginning to sense the healing energy coming from your hand chakras. Yay…

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