Finding the Good in COVID-19: How to Move Forward

As the pandemic continues, there are priorities that people should continue to focus on.
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Emma Grace Brown
July 19, 2022

During the pandemic, there has been a lot of uncertainty. People have come together, focused on health and family, and have adapted to a changing atmosphere. As the pandemic continues, there are priorities that people should continue to focus on. Your Mystical Guide, Marisa Grieco shares a few. 

Prioritize Health and Family

Your health matters. It impacts your personal life, your work life, and your mindset. The best way to focus on health is to take control of it. Look at the habits that may sabotage a healthy lifestyle, such as sedentary living, unhealthy foods, and not listening to your body. 

Not only does health impact your life, but it can impact your ability to be productive in the workplace, too. Since COVID-19, many businesses have begun to recognize the importance of employee wellbeing. Employee burnout and resignations are common when companies do not care about the health of their workers. The pandemic highlighted a problem within the workforce, and with or without the risk of COVID-19, you should keep health at the forefront of your working life.

During lockdowns, people had to come together as families and spend more time together. The bonds between you and your family have always been essential, and in the future, continue to make them a priority. Try to make time to eat a meal together every day. If you have children, create a space to work on schoolwork together and set times aside where you and your family have each other's undivided attention. Try to spend more time outdoors. Outdoor time not only gives you an opportunity to bond but also increases your physical and mental health.

Support Local Business

The businesses hit hardest by COVID-19 were small, local companies. Many people banded together to support local businesses in an effort to help them stick around. The benefits of keeping your local businesses do not stop when the pandemic ends. You should continue to support the companies that employ our friends and families and give back to your local community.

Try to shop locally where you can. If you want to shop online, look for shops that allow you to order from your area. You can also search social media and like and follow the companies in your area. When you support local businesses, you keep the money local, too.

Start Your Own Business

With so many people working from home, many realized the benefits of starting their own online businesses, leading them to quit their 9-to-5 jobs and start their own ventures. With so much potential to make money, this is an idea that’s sure to keep gaining traction. 

You can do this too! Whether it’s a side business or finally taking the leap into entrepreneurship through a coffee shop or boutique, there’s no time like the present moment. 

Simply determine a product that’s in demand or a service that solves a problem. Then, create a business plan outlining your goals, target market, marketing strategy, and financial organization. An LLC designation is a great business choice to keep things easy while still protecting your interests. You get asset protection and the option for tax advantages, plus this is an easy step you can complete online. You can learn how to start an LLC when you use online platforms. 

Embrace Meditation

Meditation has been shown to offer a host of benefits, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep and concentration. For many people, the idea of meditation seems daunting, but the reality is that anyone can learn to meditate. 

The key is to find a method that works for you and to stick with it. You can watch how Marisa learned to meditate with this video. While there are many different approaches to meditation, the basics are always the same: find a comfortable position, focus on your breath, and let go of your thoughts. With regular practice, you should start to notice a difference in your mood and well-being. If you're looking for a way to improve your mental health, starting a meditation practice could be the answer.

Things Have Changed

COVID-19 has drastically changed everyday routines for billions of people around the world. Especially during the lockdown periods, when there was a lot of uncertainty about when we’d go back to ‘normal’. During the first stages of the lockdown, there were people who took to the streets in protest. Security had to be tightened for the public safety, Police were sent out to patrol, equipped with body cams for their own safety, which was originally contested by some. Some however, like Ashley Roberts, agreed with and saw the benefits to using this equipment, for various reasons.

Follow Your Passion

More time spent at home gave more people opportunities to follow their passions and pick up hobbies. Maybe you discovered you loved to cook or that you have a talent for knitting. Hobbies should continue to be a priority.

Having a hobby can help you create a schedule for your free time. You are less likely to stare at a TV for hours after a long workday and more likely to feel productive. Likewise, hobbies allow you to cope with the stress of the day. Your hobbies may boost your self-confidence and remind you of your self-worth. When you feel strongly about a hobby, it can even turn into a career goal.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have brought a lot of strain to the country, but it’s also helped people learn to prioritize. We’ve found better health through nutrition and exercise and learned how to support local businesses. Many of us have taken a leap of faith and jumped into business ownership, while others have picked up grounding meditation practices or new and fulfilling hobbies. It shows that we’re resilient and that we can still make the best life possible for ourselves and our families. 

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I am strong. I am smart. I speak softly, but my words are big and loud and full of passion. I hate avocados, running, and the color pink. I love self-care, self-love, and self-expression… and teaching people the difference between the three.
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