This has already been quite the year — and we’re only halfway through. If you have felt like your life and routines have both been thrown off track, you are not alone. Everyone seems to be struggling with adapting to COVID-19 changes, including finding ways to stay in shape. If you’ve gained a few extra pounds over the last few months, don’t beat yourself up about it. Instead, turn to these weight loss and wellness essentials to find balance again.

Nutrition and Health Professionals

If you are serious about dropping that extra pandemic weight, then you should think about consulting with a professional who can help you reach your goals. You can check out freelance job boards to find personal trainers, yoga teachers, and other experienced professionals who can make losing weight effortless. Hiring a freelance dietitian should be at the top of this list, however, since this person can help you create healthy and realistic meal plans to fit your weight loss and overall wellness needs. You could also consider hiring Marisa Greico to help clear your chakras and balance your energies for better health and happiness.

Portion Control Tips and Tricks

In addition to helping you figure out which foods to eat to fuel your weight loss, a nutrition expert will also be able to help you with portion control. Many people struggle with how much they should eat for meals and snacks, and this confusion can make it harder or even seemingly impossible to lose weight. A good place to start with getting control over your portions is to choose lean proteins that are about the size of your palm. Then aim to fill the rest of your plate with mostly veggies, and top everything off with a small serving of whole grains. If you want to avoid measuring and guessing at your portions for each meal, you can also try meal prep.

Pantry Staples and Fresh Food Essentials

One of the biggest challenges to slimming down during self-isolation is getting to the grocery store for fresh and wholesome foods. Luckily, there are plenty of pantry staples that you can use to prepare quick and healthy meals that will help you lose unwanted weight. With a few cans of beans you can whip up some delicious legume quesadillas or soups, and you can even combine several staples into a satisfying spinach tortellini soup. When you can get out to the grocery store, be sure to stock up on some refrigerator essentials that will help you stick to healthy snack and meal choices, including nut butters, fresh fruits, and pre-chopped protein.

Free or Discounted Online Workout Classes

If not being able to hit the gym or go to yoga class has caused you to gain some extra weight, the solution to your problem may be to take your workouts online. Since the pandemic began, many gyms, studios, and instructors have been offering free or low-cost workouts online to help people stay in shape in quarantine. You can find everything from pilates to yoga to HIIT to satisfy your exercise needs and help you lose that excess lockdown weight. So, try out a few classes, and be sure to mix it up from time to time so that you don’t get too bored.

Supplements and Weight Loss Boosters

Fad diets and gimmicks are not the answer to losing weight, but there are a few supplements you can try to make things easier. For instance, some supplements reduce stress, which can be especially beneficial during these abnormally stressful times. So, how can this help you lose weight? Too much stress can lead to weight gain, so adding these supplements could be the secret to shedding those last few pounds. If you prefer not to take supplements, you may also be able to fuel your weight loss with fat-burning foods like salmon, cinnamon, or even chocolate.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s all about striking a balance, especially when things are already so stressful in the world. So, look for ways to improve your whole health, whether it’s working on your chakras, managing your emotions, exercising your body or nourishing yourself. Then weight loss is sure to follow. Photo Credit: Unsplash

COVID-19 has drastically changed everyday routines for billions of people around the world. While each household’s situation is unique, that change of routine is something we all have in common. Those major changes can be challenging (if not overwhelming), but if you commit to making the right adjustments, you can stay positive and thrive through the pandemic. And who knows, maybe you will pick up some new habits and create new circumstances for yourself that you prefer once the pandemic is over.

To help you get some ideas flowing, here are a few responsibilities that you can’t ignore during the pandemic, along with some areas where you can make changes that benefit you and those around you:

Must-Do’s During COVID-19

There are some tasks that need to be fulfilled despite a worldwide pandemic going on. However, you will likely need to tweak how you do them in order to stay safe and healthy. This might include wearing a face mask, abiding by social distancing guidelines, washing your hands, and using a disinfectant.

For instance, since everyone needs food, trips to the grocery store are essential, but you want to make sure you limit how often you go. Also, if you have urgent medical appointments, you don’t want to miss them, and you don’t want to miss work if your employer is still open in a physical location.

Moving homes is another task that often cannot wait. And even though the real estate industry has changed how they do things, Redfin explains that technology makes it possible to buy a home in the COVID-19 era. Through virtual open houses, video chat tours, and 3D walkthroughs, you can still see tours of homes all across the country.


If you’ve been laid off or had your hours cut, you are probably in a position where you need to find solutions fast. Evaluate your interests and skills, and look into doing freelance work. Online job boards are a great place to get your name out there, and companies use these sites to find qualified workers across a wide range of industries. You might even like freelancing more than your previous job, or find an opportunity to start a new career.


Since they are nonessential businesses, fitness centers across the country have shut their doors for the time being. If you are used to working out around people, it can be hard to get motivated to exercise at home. But the truth is there are a lot of workouts you can do from home, many of which are free. And if you make space or even build a home gym, you could find that you prefer the convenience of exercising in the comfort of your own home.


Eating habits are something else that could easily fall to the wayside during the pandemic if you’re not careful. But take this opportunity to try new methods of getting healthy food. As Verywell Fit points out, there are many grocery and meal delivery services to choose from, and a lot of restaurants have embraced delivery services as the new norm. Of course, if you need immediate groceries, going to the market yourself might be your only option. Even so, find a store that offers curbside pickup.

There’s no getting around the fact that COVID-19 has made life harder for a lot of people. But there may be a silver lining in certain areas of your life once you make some adjustments. Just be sure to take all the necessary safety precautions and keep an open mind about changes in your routine, and maybe you will discover things about your new life that you prefer to the old ways.

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