Our Process

Thank you for joining me on this path, where we are going to finally address the weight that has been dragging you down.

Emotions should be a small factor in the grand scheme of life, or so we think, but they end up determining how we function on a daily basis. I developed this course to help you address the emotions that never seem to leave you, so much so that they change your actions, how you perceive yourself, and your mental health. So whether it’s anxiety from a traumatic experience, stress from your environment, or even resentment brought on by another person, you can live and thrive with these circumstances. Especially when you remove the blocks and beliefs they've trapped in your energetic field.

And you’re here, which means you definitely want to!

To begin, you must become familiar with the type of energy block(s) you may be holding in your energy field, and how they ended up there. Much of the time, we have a past experience to thank for this block. Some blocks may even be developing right now, thanks to the stresses of modern life.

Then we will move on to understanding your light bodies and how they interact with your physical body and the material world. This is where energy can be trapped when it should be flowing, affecting our physical bodies, and thus provoking the physical manifestations of stress.

Finally, being aware of the foundations, you will move on to releasing the stuck energy. 

I encourage you to complete this course, and practice the lessons consistently, because the more we lean into these lower frequencies, the stronger they become in our field.

Joe Dispenza said “what fires together, wires together”, which just proves how powerful we are. But let this serve as a reminder that we also have the power to bring the light back into our beings. It is possible to rewire the feedback loops in your brain to serve you positively.

This change will take time, but I am here to guide you through this entire process. 

Remember that there are a number of ways to address the sources of negativity in your life, and I encourage you to take those steps as well. It is a challenge to balance every aspect of work, family, and personal life, but do what you can!

Eat whole foods, get enough rest, and as for the spiritual side...well, I guess that’s why you’re doing this course with me! Even if your stresses and concerns are grounded in the physical world around you, you aren’t limited by the physical world when it comes to addressing the problem.