"I wanted to change old programs that were ruining my life. I wanted to boost my over-all sense of happiness. Join me and and I'll share everything I learned."

Learn About Chakras, Energy Healing & Mindfulness

And Unlock Your True Potential

Energy Healing

I'm on a journey to learn what all this consciousness hype is about. Why do I want to be enlightened? Because so far it feels amazing, but it's a little tough with two kids on my hip. I need help. That's where you come in.


I've tried a lot of things. Some things have worked, while some haven't. I wanna know what worked for you and I'll share what's worked for me. I think I can help you, and I know you can help me. Together, we will help others.


It's all about community. I'm tired of doing it alone - of explaining it to people who think I'm a nut job, or who just want to talk about it to get in my pants. We are a tribe now. We have power in numbers. Let the healing begin.


I certainly don't claim to know everything - we are always learning, and I've met a lot of amazing people who can help us grow. I'll bribe them with drinks so they can share their secrets with us on the show.

About Marisa

I've spent my life plagued by old programs and belief systems. It was only when I turned to energy healing and realized that we are all just "light" having a human experience, was I able to turn my life around.


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Our Tribe

I can't do this alone. I need people like yourself who are looking for a tribe to hang out with - a place where you can be yourself and ask questions without being judged. Are you that person? There are a lot of ways to get involved from lending your voice to supporting the site. I will love and appreciate whatever you choose. Thank you for your support and welcome to the tribe!

Here's What Everyone is Saying

Gucci G.

"OMG she is a beautiful soul with an awesome energy, animated, high spirit and exudes an attractive charisma."

Mika D.

"I immediately thought that this woman was something special. She is so free and beautiful."

Dr. Nancy Lin

"Amazing!!!! She is full of light you can automatically feel her energy that surrounds you."

Kendis C.

"Marisa is the real thing. She is a true psychic healer. Our session still resonates in my heart."
Energy healing by Marisa Grieco

Connect with Marisa

"Depending on the person for whom I'm conducting the reading, I can focus on topics that range from releasing blocked energy to uncovering past trauma. In the simplest cases, I will help you to activate your highest potential. If you are unable to meet with me in person, I offer a metaphysical reading over the phone. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed."

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