Ever found yourself gazing at the clouds, feeling a hunch, or catching a vibe? Congratulations, my friend, you're tapping into your innate psychic gift! Now, let's debunk the myth that only a select few possess this ability. I firmly believe we're all born with it; it's just a matter of acknowledging and nurturing it.

The world of psychic phenomena often comes with labels, but don't let that intimidate you. Whether you call it a hunch, a vibe, or simply a gut feeling, these are all manifestations of your intuitive prowess. Tarot cards, often associated with psychic practices, are like a tool to focus your attention, much like staring at clouds to discern shapes and patterns.

Secret to Understanding Tarot Cards

Here's the real secret – you don't need a crystal ball or a mystical title to explore the depths of your intuition. It's about relaxing your analytical mind and tapping into your higher self, the authentic you that goes beyond your physical form. Consider your body as a vehicle, and you, my friend, are the driver.

So, let's address the elephant in the room – the belief that psychic abilities are reserved for a select few. It's time to toss that notion out the window. Your thoughts create your reality, and deep down, you already possess the answers within you. It's about removing any self-imposed limitations and allowing your intuitive nature to flourish.

Tarot cards serve as a tool to access your inner wisdom. Think of them as a mirror reflecting the knowledge that already resides within you. As you shuffle the deck and lay out the cards, you're creating a space to connect with your higher self and receive guidance.

Starting this journey involves acknowledging your inherent psychic potential. It's about recognizing that you are a vessel of cosmic energy, capable of tuning into the universal flow of information. By embracing the belief that you can access your intuitive gifts, you're already taking the first step toward unlocking your psychic abilities.

Tarot Cards as a Gateway

Now, let's explore the process of using tarot cards as a gateway to your intuitive self. The act of shuffling and drawing cards isn't about predicting the future in a crystal-clear image. Instead, it's about inviting your intuition to speak to you through the symbolism and imagery of the cards.

As you lay out the cards, let your mind relax, allowing your higher self to step forward. The cards act as a visual language, and your intuitive responses to them become the dialogue between you and your inner wisdom. Interpretations can be personal and unique, tapping into your individual connection with the energies at play.

Don't fret if you're unsure at first; building a connection with your intuition is a gradual process. It's like learning a new language or refining a skill – practice, patience, and trust are essential. Allow yourself to sit with the cards, observe the emotions and sensations they evoke, and let your intuitive insights unfold naturally.

Tarots Cards are a Tool

Remember, the tarot is a tool, not a magic wand. Its purpose is to guide, not dictate. By incorporating tarot into your personal growth journey, you create a sacred space for self-reflection and intuitive exploration. It's about embracing the fluidity of interpretation and letting your inner guide speak louder than any preconceived notions.

As you venture into the world of psychic card reading, consider it a voyage of self-discovery. The cards become a mirror reflecting your inner landscape, highlighting aspects of your psyche and bringing forth insights that might have lingered in the shadows.

To enhance your experience, explore different decks and find one that resonates with you. Each deck carries its unique energy, and the one that captures your attention is likely to align with your personal vibration. Whether it's the traditional Rider-Waite deck or a more modern and artistic interpretation, let your intuition guide you in choosing the deck that speaks to your soul.

Your Ability to Connect with Your Higher Self

In this journey, trust is your steadfast companion. Trust in your ability to connect with your higher self, trust in the wisdom the cards convey, and trust in the unfolding of your intuitive gifts. Release the need for perfection and embrace the beauty of imperfection in your intuitive exploration. If you want to learn more about the cards in a fun, relaxed way, you can check out my course on learning tarot cards.

So, do you have to be a psychic to delve into the world of tarot cards? Absolutely not. What you need is an open heart, a curious mind, and the willingness to explore the depths of your own intuition. The tarot is a profound tool, offering a pathway to self-discovery and a means to amplify your connection with the universal energies that surround us.

So, let go of any reservations, step into the realm of your intuitive potential, and let the tarot be a guide on your journey of self-exploration. Your psychic abilities are not reserved for the select few; they are an inherent part of your being, waiting to be acknowledged and embraced. As you embark on this adventure, remember – you are the magician, the alchemist, and the sage of your own destiny. The answers you seek are already within you; it's time to trust in the magic that resides in the depths of your intuition.

This post is all about learning how to use divination tools. From pendulums to tarot cards, we will go over what they are and how they can assist you in tapping into your superpowers. 

When I first started this journey many years ago, I was attracted to learning and having anything mystical. I bought crystals, wands, feathers, staffs, rattles, drums, pendulums, tarot decks--anything that I thought would bring me closer to this invisible veil. Anytime I could travel, I would meet with a shaman, a medicine woman or man, a healer, a psychic, a mystic, or even a mambo. I wanted to learn how they tapped into the quantum field. What was their secret? What were the most used divination tools?

To my surprise, some just used household items, while others had purchased or made extravagant tools. It didn’t seem to matter though. They all seemed to work. Why? Intention, belief, focus, and power. 

This is the most important formula when using your divination tools. Not how much they cost, or where you got them from. The power is within you. To find the tool that gets you excited, and have fun exploring. I’m going to list a few just to get your feet wet. If you want to learn more you can always pop over to my website.

How To Choose the Right Divination Tool for You

There are so many different divination tools out there. I know I bought them all but you don't have to. Join me as I share how I selected what was best for my practice.

What the heck are Divination tools?

That’s right...I called them tools because that's what they are.

Just like a carpenter uses his hammer, or a plumber uses a wrench, Mystics use divination tools. These are just different ways to help you feel confident in expressing what you are already picking up. Remember the real magic is inside of you.

PRO TIP: Create a sacred space, have a ceremony or a ritual--this will help you transition from your muggle self into a wizard. 

I need my ritual to help me transition. If I don’t, it feels like I’m going to work in my pajamas. I need that time to transition and bring out my higher mystical pants--I mean parts. 

When you first begin your journey, you may feel drawn or connected to using certain tools. From pendulums, runes, tea leaves, tarot cards, your Nonnas holy water, or her collection of saint cards. Do you remember which card helps you to find lost things? ( It’s Saint Anthony - do I look new to you. 🙂 Some people collect hockey cards. My nonna had her saints.  Now, you can see there are many, many more divination tools and we'll look at some of these in our post. You may find that you’re more gifted in one method than another. Use what works best for you and your abilities. And remember, be kind with yourself just like with any other skill set, this is gonna take some practice.

The Pendulum

This is probably one of the easiest tools to use. It's a simple matter of asking "Yes" or "No" questions and receiving answers. The message you receive depends on how the pendulum swings. The trick is learning to ask the right questions. 

Now, when you first get your pendulum, you can train it to show you what each direction means. You can also do this by creating a chart, or by asking your pendulum to show you. For me, I like “yes” to swing forward and backward, and “no” to be side to side. I also do clockwise for “yes” and counterclockwise for “no”.

I will sometimes use my pendulum during a tarot reading to double-check if a card is correct. I place my pendulum over the cards and if I get a no I’ll pull the card and get another one.

My dad would make his own pendulum using just a needle and thread. This was the divination tool that he would use when someone was pregnant in order to find out the sex of the baby. He would put the needle in front of the belly and watch the way it would swing. From there he would declare the sex. The cool thing is he was always right. I loved watching him do it. 


It’s been said the Runes are actually one of the oldest divination tools, dating all the way back to 800 A.D. There are 24 runes, each with a related letter of the runic alphabet, with different meanings depending on the way they are cast. I like to use one rune at a time just to keep things simple. First, I settle my mind, then I ask my question -- clean and clear. I’ll pop my hand in my magic pouch and pull out a rune. Then I look up the meaning. When you buy a set it usually comes with a little booklet. Or, if you’re a member, I have a beautiful printout for you on my website.

Reading Tea Leaves

Reading tea leaves has been around since the 17th century. I personally don’t read tea leaves, but in the past, I’ve gone to see European mystics that use this as their divination tool. I really enjoyed the whole ceremony of reading tea leaves. I mean, I get to drink something and have my future read. It’s a win-win.

The reader makes a cup of tea, pours out the extra liquid, and turns the cup upside down to read what she sees. 

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Tarot Cards

I’ll often use tarot cards before a healing session with a client to give me an idea of what’s happening in their life. I use them more as a guideline map instead of a prediction or a fixed future. I believe It’s something that can be changed, especially after an energy healing. You're upgrading your energetic blueprint. For example, If you feel like you are only worthy of crappy relationships then that’s what your cards are going to keep saying. And that's what you're going to keep doing until YOU change.

Now the easy way to get started with the tarot is having fun! Let loose, bring out your intuition. 

Hold your deck of cards in your hand, ask your question, and trust your superpowers (a.k.a. your psychic gifts). Place the cards in front of you, then scan the cards with the palm of your hand. Notice if you have any tingling in your palm, or perhaps you get chills. That’s your clairs working. Pull that card and see if the message resonates with you. You can look up the meaning or use your intuition and see what you pick up for yourself.

tarot cards -divination tools

Now, there are a lot of different styles of decks. Again, pick the one that resonates with you. When you first start out I do recommend the Rider Waite deck of cards. The Tarot deck is usually made up of 78 cards, You have the major arcana and the minor arcana. That includes four suits, they are the wands, swords, cups, and coins or pentacles. 

It can be pretty overwhelming when you're first starting out. So I put together a mini-course to help you learn in a fun and easy way. Remember, work at your own pace.

Now there are many divination tools. I enjoy these ones but find the ones that light you up. Remember the answers are already within you, so don’t get caught up in feeling like you have to memorize everything when you start. These are just tools to unlock your gifts and give you the extra confidence to get them out. 

Remember you are not your thoughts, you are not your emotions, you are light. So, stay bright!

Until next time, I’m Marisa Grieco, your Mystical Guide.

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