Brainwaves. We hear about them a lot, but why are they so important? I
mean, besides proving to people that we're still alive.

They're important to us because our thoughts and intentions control the frequency our brains transmit. By changing our thoughts and focusing our intentions, we can adjust our brain waves and live happier lives.

First, it's important to know that brain waves basically prove the electrical activity generated by your brain. Yep, it's all electrical and chemical, but that's another blog. When a group of neurons in your brain sends a burst of electrical pulses to another set of neurons in your brain, this activity creates a wave-like pattern.


brain waves and your psychic superpowers


We measure these brain waves in speed cycles per second. We call these Hertz. Depending on how awake and alert you are, these brain waves might be very fast, or they might be very slow. And your brain waves change based on what you think, how you feel, and what activity you are performing.

For example, most people's brains are running in the frequency range of 14-30hz. This is basically thinking, overthinking, and generally figuring shit out.

This state of your brain is known as BETA.

Some people pride themselves for being very good at this frequency. They think they are being productive worrying about things and then figuring all their crap out. But, if you want to kick open the door to your superpowers, then you need to shift your frequency.


PRO -TIP: Your body gets addicted to those chemicals released in your body when you feel like crap. So, it's a double whammy.

Well, what if I told you that your brain is just stuck at a particular frequency, and you can change the channel just like that? Remember, your body is helping to stay that way because it's addicted to the chemistry, so this isn't going to be easy. Being locked in a frequency is great when you're flying high, but it totally sucks when we hit rock bottom.

I don't know about you, but I can feel like a broken record sometimes. When I'm in a good space around great people, I can feel excited and courageous to do something new. But the minute I'm by myself again, alone with my own thoughts. I start dragging down my frequency, I can feel myself slipping backward.

Well, I'm not playing that loop anymore. That story has ended and it's time for me to wake up. I don't want to be on my deathbed saying,

“Ok, I'm ready to live now.”

"Oh, but it's too late, Ma'am.”

“But I had big plans, I just didn't want to upset anyone, or I was afraid, or I felt like I wasn't good enough, or what if no one likes me once I show them who I really am.”

Now, I'm all alone playing that old record that did not serve me in my lifetime. Too late.


Brain waves


The Science

So, let's let our emotions take the back seat for this episode and let science drive.

Why? Cause it's time for us sensitive types to take a more objective look at what's happening so we can help each other snap out of this trance.

Most of us are unaware that we are living in survival mode: feeling worried, fearful, angry, and distrustful most of the time. This is high beta, it's between 22-50 hertz. This state is great if you are being chased by a lion and you need to move fast, but when we humans remain in this state for long periods of time without any physical activity to burn off this energy, it'll become a source of stress, anxiety, pain, and suffering and over time it will create an imbalance in your body.

(I thought that was just being an Italian--kidding, then I would have
mentioned hungry and judgmental too.)

When we are in survival mode, in this high beta range, there is no space or time for change. Our brain is on high alert. And it is not good for us. Not good at all. This is where meditation, rituals, exercise, sound healing, and healthy eating come in so we can readjust the frequency of our brain and give our bodies a break.

So, what do you do?

Well first off, meditation is a perfect way to change the frequency of your brain. If you need a reason to meditate, this is the big one. I guarantee you this will change your brain frequency and move you out of High Beta.



Brain Waves | How to use them to change your life.

Take a moment to watch my video here about how Brain waves can affect your mood, your emotions, and your life. Join me as I explain how they work and how you can affect them to make a difference in your life.


Here’s a link to some meditations to move you out of beta and into alpha. Go Here 

Depending on what your goal is, you can reach for different brain waves like Delta, Theta, Alpha, and my favorite Gamma. I break all of these states down in my mini-course on brain waves.

But it’s important to remember that most of us are stuck in the stressful, anxiety-ridden state of High beta. You gotta get out of that. It’s your ticket to happiness and a better you. The frequency of your brain determines your productivity, your creativity, and your superpowers.

By understanding our brain waves we can look at ourselves more objectively and start to realize we can grow and change. Until next time I’m Marisa Grieco, your Mystical Guide.

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