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LOVE IT. So me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you SO much. Will wear it all the time with pride. Xo

Jewel Staite

Kaz Atterbury

Thank you to Urban Blacksmith & jewelry extraordinaire, @ MarisaGreico for my gorgeous, one of a kind cuff!!

Tammy Pescatelli

Marisa’s design aesthetic evokes a very natural, primal feeling. There is a sense of honesty that translates in her art, something so easy to connect with.

Dre Babinski from the band Hunter Hunted

I can’t thank you enough. This special gift hasn’t left my wrist since I put it there. But the even bigger gift here is sharing your beautiful spirit. Its magical and transcendent. Thank you!

See Sam as …

Marisa’s jewelry is like wearing art on your wrist. The piece she created for Rings of Orbis sold in minutes leaving a lot of people disappointed. We want more!

Author of The Softwire series.

PJ Haarsma