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Sep 19

Sam Smith

I am so passionate and  intrigued by the super natural, so when Sam Smith told me she was going to be wearing my adornments on the set of her new movie Worry Dolls. I couldn’t have been happier!!

Sep 19

Jennifer Beals

Loves her new Snake Cuff!

Aug 22

Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion spotted at SDCC wearing a brushed steel manacle by Marisa Grieco.

Apr 23

Christina Ochoa wears Marisa Grieco’s jewelry on the Show Nerd Alert

I was thrilled to see Christina Ochoa wearing my jewelry on the show “Nerd Alert”.

The piece she is wearing was first sculpted in wax. Then, I melted silver in a crucible and cast the piece. Next comes the magic. I love surrounding my pieces with crystals under the moonlight, charging them constantly with positive Energy. <3

Marisa Grieco's Jewelry used for Ocean Drive shoot.

Jan 26

Marisa Grieco’s Jewelry in Ocean Drive with Jenna Dewan Tatum

Celebrity photographer Joanie Allen styled Jenna Dewan with my jewelry for Ocean Drive magazine. Jenna is gorgeous and Joanie is an amazing photographer. Together they took some beautiful photos. I was honored to be a part of it.

Here is a link to the cuff Jenna Dewan wore for the shoot.

Marisa Grieco’s Jewelry used for Ocean Drive shoot.

Natalie Maines and Marisa Grieco

Nov 13

Natalie Maines wears Marisa Grieco’s jewelry on Watch What Happens Live

It’s so exciting to see your jewelry out in the real world. Natalie told me that she had worn my Luna bracelet on the set of Watch What Happens Live. Natalie is such a gifted artist and I felt so honored that she chose to accessorize with something that I had made. I was speechless.

The bracelet was one of the first I had forged using silver. The intuition of mothers was my inspiration.

To see the show, click on this link.