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Hey, guys, I'm so happy we found each other. This was the day it all began! Come in, take your shoes off, get comfortable, and learn why I started this journey. Here's to finding our psychic selves!

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3 Tips to Develop Claircognizant Superpowers
Claircognizance is one of the most common clairs. Here are 3 tips to develop this psychic superpower of yours! Your Mystical Guide, Marisa Grieco guides you clear and align your crown chakra.

4 Tips to Develop Clairvoyant Super Powers
Here are 4 tips to help develop your clairvoyant superpower. I share four easy exercises that I use to set my psychic superpower on fire! (That's just a figure of speech. There is no fire-setting in the video, just sayin'.)

Do You Have these Psychic Superpowers?
What psychic superpowers do you have? You might not even know. In this episode, I discuss the six "Clairs" (Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairsentient, Clairolfaction & Clairgustance) and how you may have been using your psychic superpowers without even realizing it.

Answer the Question!
Did you manifest a cheating boyfriend? Is this mystical lifestyle just a bunch of devil worship? Why aren't my superpowers working? These are just a few of the questions Marisa answers from other mystics and fans of the show. It's a show full of helpful spiritual advice and as always, a bit of fun mixed in. Enjoy!

Five Tips to Unblock your Solar Plexus Chakra
Here are 5 tips I use to align and unblock my Solar Plexus chakra. A blocked solar plexus chakra can manifest emotionally with low self-esteem or as an overbearing control freak. The pendulum swings both ways. Physically, you may experience issues with your stomach. Don't ignore this chakra on your path to a better life!

How does He Love You?
Does he love you? Maybe he does, but neither of you expresses your love the same way. That's where love languages come in. Do you know his? Does he know yours? In the episode, I explain the different love languages and encourage you to share this information with your significant other.

The Power of Intention
Your intention is powerful. It is at the center of everything we do: our dreams, our goals, our creativity. It is the fuel we need to reach our dreams. Join me as I discuss the power of intention with one of my best friends and fellow tribe member, Zen Master T!

8 Tips to Activate your Third Eye
It's time to activate your third eye and unleash your psychic superpowers! Here are 8 practical tips that I use to ignite my 6th Chakra and you can use them too. If you are feeling lost and unsure of yourself, if you are feeling disconnected from the world on your life's passion, then you might have a blocked 6th Chakra (Third Eye). These tips will help you stay aligned.

Results From My Third Eye Exam (6th Chakra)
Is your third eye blocked? Your sixth chakra is a direct connection to all the amazing things the universe has to offer you. Find out if your third eye needs to be aligned and all the amazing things that will happen when you align with your psychic superpowers!

The Sacral Chakra Made Me Do it.
Have you lost your sensuality? Lost your creativity? Don't want to get 'bleep'. Then you might need to align your Sacral Chakra. Join me as I share my experience with the Sacral Chakra and the steps I took to change my life.

Your Root Chakra Does Whaaaat?
Your Root Chakra is so important. It's the spiritual rock for all your other Chakras and I'll show you how to balance yours for a happier, more grounded lifestyle. And your awakening all starts in the shower!

Change Your Relationship with Money
How do you change your relationship with money? I always feel awkward when talking about money. I love money. I want more of it, but I need to change my relationship with money if that's going to happen.

Mindfulness About Our Amazing Guests!

Teresa Lin - Zen Master T
In an upcoming video, I sit down with one of my best friends, Teresa Lin. (Oh yeah, there is a bottle of wine involved so I apologize in advance for what I say.) We talk about meditation, how to ground ourselves in today's "Now Age" and what to do with those unwanted #$% pics. It's funny, it's informative and don't worry, we saved the dirty parts for our Patreon supporters.

I'll let you know on my Facebook and Instagram accounts when these episodes are live.

Brandi Veil
In another upcoming video, I get to sit down with the beautiful and amazing, Brandi Veil. She is another one of my closest friends and founder of the Millionaire Brain Yoga. Brandi has her spiritual #$%^ together! There is more wine, more fun, and some mind-blowing conversations in these videos.

Again, I'll post on social when these episodes are about to air. In the meantime, check out more about Brandi here.

Marisa will make you laugh, cry and think. Not necessarily in that order.Her Husband