Your Mystical Guide – Introduction

Hey, guys, I’m so happy we found each other. This was the day it all began! Come in, take your shoes off, get comfortable, and learn why I started this journey. Here’s to finding our psychic selves!

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Guided Chakra Clearing Exercises 
Let’s clear all those chakras! In this episode, I guide you through a series of quick chakra clearing exercises to make you feel awesome and align those chakras. Yes, I’m wearing my Flashdance clothes. Who doesn’t love that movie?

Symptoms of Blocked Chakras
In this video, I simplify the symptoms of blocked chakras for you and share with you how great it feels when your chakras are cleared and balanced. I explore all 7 major chakras. We have a lot of fun so don’t miss this one.

What are Chakras? How do They Work? 
People ask me, what are chakras and how do chakras work? This is the first episode of a very big topic – chakras! How do my chakras effect me? How do I know when this happens? And why are clean chakras are like a good toilet bowl?

How to Protect Your Energy Field

In this episode of Your Mystical Guide, I show you how to protect your energy field. These are quick and easy steps you can do every day to protect yourself from negativity entering your auric field.

Intuition – It’s All in Your Stomach 
Intuition vs Instinct. In this episode, I interview friend and special guest, Zen Master T. Join us as we discuss intuition and how your stomach plays a huge role in making decisions… like how to navigate those annoying d!*@ pics on Tinder and why what and when you eat really does matter.

How to Clean Your Energy Field 101
In this episode, I give out 4 easy tips that I use to help me keep my energy field clean. I know, I know. You have more than enough to clean – your house, your kids, your husband… Trust me, I get it. But our energy fields are constantly changing and interacting with those around us. We must clean them as well. So it’s time for a little spring cleaning… no bleach required. 🙂

Learn About Our Amazing Guests!

Teresa Lin – Zen Master T
In an upcoming video, I sit down with one of my best friends, Teresa Lin. (Oh yeah, there is a bottle of wine involved so I apologize in advance for what I say.) We talk about meditation, how to ground ourselves in today’s “Now Age” and what to do with those unwanted #$% pics. It’s funny, it’s informative and don’t worry, we saved the dirty parts for our Patreon supporters.

I’ll let you know on my Facebook and Instagram accounts when these episodes are live.

Brandi Veil
In another upcoming video, I get to sit down with the beautiful and amazing, Brandi Veil. She is another one of my closest friends and founder of the Millionaire Brain Yoga. Brandi has her spiritual #$%^ together! There is more wine, more fun, and some mind-blowing conversations in these videos.

Again, I’ll post on social when these episodes are about to air. In the meantime, check out more about Brandi here.

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