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I started this journey over two decades ago. When I did, I was alone. I don’t want it to be like that for you. I have built a private place, almost a digital retreat if you like, where you can come and express your thoughts, feelings and emotions with no judgement. Whether you are looking for pyschic readings, info on Tarot Cards, best practices for energy healing or just a place to hangout, we have it all. It is a safe place where you can talk with me and others who are seeking out the very same enlightenment that you and I so strongly seek.

Your membership gives you access not only to me, but an entire tribe of people who want to see you manifest the life you dream of. Find you pychic super powers! Will it be easy? Is it ever? But know that when you join our tribe, there will be an entire group of like-minded people who will have your back and help you achieve your dreams.
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Marisa has been seen in:
Marisa embodies a magical combination of powerful insight, unvarnished truth, and effervescent positivity. Her work reaches into your core and lets you see your own light, power, and potential. Do yourself a favor and let her help you see yourself in a new light.
Samantha Smith, Actor - Supernatural

The Joys of Membership

NEW! Daily Guidance Cards

Connect to the universe and select your card. Dive into the cosmic rhythm with Marisa's art card collection. Start each day by drawing a guidance card, unveiling the universe's message for your journey towards enlightenment. Make this soulful connection a daily ritual and embrace the wisdom of the cosmos.

Free Office Hours

Members can join Marisa every week for 90 minutes to discuss anything they need guidance with. This is a group session and gives you a chance to talk with Marisa directly over Zoom. Check out EVENTS inside the Circle Community for times each week.
marisa grieco healer
mindfulness worksheets from Marisa Grieco

Unlimited Worksheet Downloads

Marisa has dozens and dozens of worksheets you can download to use with her videos. These worksheets are designed to help you find blocks to release and reach your higher self. New worksheets are added all the time.

Unlimited Guided Meditations

Marisa has created dozens of guided meditations to help you on your journey. Whether you are trying to activate a chakra or simply trying to 
de-stress during a difficult day, we're sure there is something for you.
meditation Sound from Marisa Grieco

Unlimited Sounds & Frequencies

As a member, you get unlimited access to her library of sounds and frequencies. You can use these when meditating, trying to focus or to increase your productivity. New sounds will be added all the time.

Unlimited Access to Mystical Circle

This is a big one! Marisa and her team have created their own social platform inside the member site. Facebook has become so toxic these days that Marisa wanted to create a place where she could talk and listen without judgment. As a member, you get exclusive access.
Marisa Grieco Membership perks
Exclusive Video content from Marisa Grieco

Exclusive Video Content

In addition to all of the video content available on her Youtube channel, Marisa fills in the gaps with exclusive content available only to her members. She will also curate her videos and combine them with worksheets and meditations to give you the perfect path to your higher self.

Live Monthly Workshops

Every month Marisa will host a live monthly mindfulness workshop where you can connect directly with Marisa. Ask questions, get advice or share your own story.
Healing Session with Marisa Grieco

Unlimited Discounts for One-on-One Sessions

As many of you know, Marisa is available for private healing sessions either in person, if you live in Orange County, or over the Zoom if you don't. This savings alone is worth the price of membership.

First Access to Retreats

As a member,  you receive "first choice opportunity" to Marisa's popular mindfulness retreats. Once her Mystical Members decide if they want to attend  or not, then it will be offered to the public. The retreats are small and intimate and they always sell out. 
Mindfulness retreats from Marisa Grieco
mindfulness art marisa grieco

Free Access to Marisa's Art

Not everyone knows that Marisa Grieco is a talented artist. As a Mystical Member you will have access to download some of her wallpaper art for your smart phone, laptop or desktop computer. All for FREE!

Receive Marisa's Friends and Family Newsletter

Marisa sends out a private newsletter to her Mystical Members. This curated newsletter gives you the inside scoop to what Marisa is working on, things she's trying before she shares them with the world, and the occasional summer cocktail recipe ;)
marisa grieco mindfulness newsletter
Mystica Courses

Unlimited Access to Courses

This is brand new! Marisa has started adding courses to let you focus on a variety of subjects to increase your knowledge. She has created new exclusive video content as well as curated the worksheets, meditations and exercises within the membership to help guide you through your solution. Marisa will continue to add more courses every month.
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I Got Your Back!

I was ridiculed when I first started this journey. In fact, sometimes I still am. Well, you know what? #$%! them. I deserve to be happy and so do you. Join me and I promise you will be part of a safe community that allows you to explore and expand your psychic superpowers without judgement. We have our own private community! No need to hang on Facebook where it’s far too toxic to ever be happy. We can hangout right here!

You don’t have to do this alone.

Gucci G.

"OMG she is a beautiful soul with an awesome energy, animated, high spirit and exudes an attractive charisma."

Mika D.

"I immediately thought that this woman was something special. She is so free and beautiful."

Dr. Nancy Lin

"Amazing!!!! She is full of light you can automatically feel her energy that surrounds you."

Kendis C.

"Marisa is the real thing. She is a true psychic healer. Our session still resonates in my heart."
Marisa Grieco Journal
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My Promise to you

If you are unhappy with your decision to join our Mystical tribe, you can receive a full refund within 7 days of your purchase.

More Questions?

What is a Mystical Membership
The Mystical Membership is an online subscription service that allows me to interact with people on a larger scale. I have so much information to share and I feel this is the best way to deliver while providing a way for me to help people who are on the same journey as me. Besides the library of knowledge I will share with you, we will constantly be adding more information to the group -worksheets, guided meditations, emails, exclusive videos, and our own "Community Well" where we can hang out and talk in private. The membership also gives you discounts on other services and gives you first access to our intimate in-person retreats. I hope you will become a member and I look forward to meeting you. 
Can I Cancel My Membership?
If by some strange chance ;) you are not happy with your membership within 7 days after signing up, feel free to cancel and I will return the full amount of your membership fee. Understand, you will no longer have access to our portal or the downloads. 

After 7 seven days you can simply cancel your renewal so you won't be charged the next month or the next year.
How is the Mystical Membership Different then Others?
Well, the biggest difference is me! This membership allows us to get closer, we can chat every month and I can answer your questions in the Community Well. We will have lots of live events in the Community Well too. I'm mostly excited about that. We will have our own place for our Tribe to hang out and discuss this crazy thing called life! (Yes, I just quoted Prince.)

Also, I have been doing this for a long time and I really have a knack for helping people. I know my technique is a little different, but what is life if we don't have a little fun?
What is the Mystical Circle?
To best describe it, think of our own private social media group without all the ads and toxic people. It's just for us. We have "spaces" for specific topics, I can talk to you live, you can share stories and pictures.... and it's exclusively ours. When you have a membership, you get access to the whole circle.
How Do I Access the Mystical Circle?
See that olive circle in the bottom right-hand corner? The one with the little talk bubbles? Click on that and it will open the circle.
Will the Membership Price Change?
Yes, I'm afraid it will. Right now, I'm offering an introductory price for early adopters. It's brand new so I wanted to give the people who have faith in me a discount. So don't mind a little of the construction noise as we get started and enjoy your discounts. As long. as you are a member you will keep that introductory price.
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