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I've provided several ways for you to get in touch with me. Whether you are looking for a single session, or you would like to talk with me regularly, I have something for everyone.

I offer remote as well as in-person sessions (Southern California). I provide energy work, voice dialog, or past life regression sessions. Click here to set up a private session.

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If you are looking for something more consistent, maybe a monthly meeting, in a group or one on one, then please look at my Patreon account. I now there is something there for you.

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If you are looking to book me for a speaking engagement, to discuss advertising opportunities, or think your brand would be great for me, please click here and we'll do the email thing.

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Talking with Marisa is always the highlight of my week!"Susan B., Georgia

You are hilarious and I love everything you do. Don't stop!Allison F., Nevada